Republicans could take a lesson

Yesterday, I heard this little gem on Rush’s show, and I have to say it made me think about what it really means to be in opposition.

If only Republicans in this country had the backbone to stand up and talk to Obama with that kind of brutal honesty, I think they would have a much bigger support base than they do now. What really boggles my mind about this is that Obama’s got NO issue throwing punches at Republicans at every opportunity. He does it with a smile. Yet, it takes someone across the ocean speaking to a different audience to say whats really on our minds.

Why is that?

Have we really become pariahs? Are we all Bobby Jindal with cardigan sweaters and forced smiles? (Now, I do love Bobby Jindal – but his performance was way too forced and uncomfortable). Where’s the fire? Where’s the anger? Why is it that only Liberals have a monopoly on rage?

I’m angry too. I’m angry that in a time when we are struggling as a nation, we have a President hinged on wealth redistribution. I’m angry that class-envy has taken the place of rational discussion and thoughful disagreement. I’m angry that when you follow the rules, you are left holding the bag. I’m angry that those who do not understand the financial sector, the housing markets and employer contracts are the ones with the loudest voices.

The nation of greed? Greed? No one was complaining when you took out your second mortgages and leased cars you could not afford. No one was complaining when credit was cheap and easy and we became addicted to our big-screen tvs and shiny iPods. We kept passing laws increasing spending and giving raises to ourselves and now this is all about the people at the top? No. We’re all guilty here.

Mr. Hannan reminds me why I believe what I believe. And reminds me whats important. Maybe Red isn’t so Taboo – its just not well expressed.


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