A word about Prop 8 from someone deeply conflicted.

Real Hate

Real Hate

Prop 8 is a weird thing. It’s brought a lot of emotions to the surface which have exposed…well..a lot of ugliness. But somehow when it comes to politics, some people lose all inhibition – no matter how ill-informed they are – and feel the need to trample all over other people so that they are heard. In this case, I’m actually referring to the gay-rights activists and not the pro-8 people. No? Not hate you say? I would have to pointedly disagree .

Personally, I’m extremely conflicted about this proposition. There were lots of late-night conversations that led to my decision to vote for prop 8, and while some might write me off as a bigot, my decision had very little to do with the gay lifestyle and more to do with freedom of religion. Frankly, I think this was a nationwide screw-up when states started “marrying” people at all. The government shouldn’t be using a religious term to identify what it was granting: property rights. Instead they should have ALWAYS been granting ‘civil partnerships’ to everyone and leave the messiness for each church to decide. Your religion won’t marry you? Fine, you can leave it. But you can’t leave your state if they force you to recognize something your religion doesn’t. And what if your church’s beliefs are at odds with what the state deems a marriage? Well, then some activists might sue to have your tax exemption stripped and they may actually have a pretty strong case as now a church is arguing against a right. Isn’t anyone else at least slightly conflicted by this? Isn’t freedom of religion kind of a major thing?

I agree with gay marriage, but my church doesn’t. That’s something I will have to reconcile on my own; but its not something I want government involved in. When the California Supreme Court decided to grant marriage rights to gays despite these potential ramifications on religious freedoms, I believe they chose the rights of the few over the many. Rather than a more pragmatic solution to this issue (ie: California only issuing domestic partnerships) they chose to trample over the belief systems of millions of people without so much as a footnote. Hindsight is 20/20 though right? Surely now that they’ve seen gays attack the mormon church they will make a more measured response, right? Don’t count on it.

I don’t hate gays. I think marriage should be promoted – but I don’t want my church to be forced to recognize anything.

But somehow I’m a bigot for being conflicted. 8=hate right? But if you want to talk about hate, its all coming from the other side. People have been ruined for daring to stand up for their religious viewpoints and the mormons, in particular, have been trampled by gay rights.

It’s a trend. And with this administration it will only continue.


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