A life in snapshots

A few days ago my friends and I were having dinner at a too-hip restaurant at the Grove. Then I got a call on my cell and when I picked it up to answer it, and they noticed this:

Needless to say, some conversation ensued. First there was some eye rolling, then some light comments, then a full on challenge: “you know, the term fiscal conservative is a big of an oxymoron among my co-workers…I mean, no offense”

My friends are both extremely liberal, but one of them, no BOTH of them should know better. There was a second of silence as they both watched anxious to see what I would do.

I took a few deep breaths, decided I wasn’t in the mood to argue with them (especially with the walking-bong of a waiter continually making surprise visits) and ignored the comment. Sometimes its better that way. Lately I’ve had a hard time with words and I get unusually flustered when I am angry. It’s a new development, I’m not sure where it comes from.

After dinner, I was mocked profusely as I climbed into my husbands Hybrid SUV (it was raining and hubby didn’t want me driving mine in the rain), and my friends shook their head and called me stubborn – and in denial.

A hybrid SUV doesn’t make me in denial. It makes me smart. Conservation is a good thing – plus between the tax credits, the gas savings and the navigation, it was a bargain.

That’s what I’m all about now, bargains.

Especially since the ‘stimulus’ tax incentives and the California budget crisis will end up costing me about $650 a year.

Good thing my trusty cell phone charm looks sturdy.


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