For some reason, I thought you were..

Enemy List - Republicans hiding as normal people

Something that always cracks me up is how liberals ALWAYS assume that you’re in total agreement with them and bring up politics at seemingly innocuous time.

In line at the grocery store

When I’m getting my hair cut

Even the guy who watches my dogs feels the need to lay his political belief system on me when I pick up my dogs. What about me says “Not only am I a liberal, I am dying to hear your political ideology”?

Oh I know. I’m brown.

What? Wait a second. I thought you said you were a Republican. You meant that you were wearing a brown shirt, right? Not that you’re an actual minority, rightDid I leave somehow forget that detail?But I doubt that’s the only reason, I think liberals just assume that if you can string a few coherent words together or speak without drooling all over yourself, you must be a Democrat. I mean, how could you NOT be? After all, Democrats are the party of civil equality, love, tolerance, fairness and opportunity, right? How could you…no…how dare you bite the hand that has brought so much to you! You may think I am being overly dramatic, but the above response was taken verbatim from a man who learned my ugly secret. That man is a sociology professor.

I can accept that some people think that fairness is more important than results. I can accept that some people think that the general populous is just too dumb/corrupt/inept to run their own lives without government interjection.

But what I can’t accept is another “victory video” being forwarded to me from my friends.And why isn’t it a two-way street? Why don’t I just assume they are all Republican and constantly bring up my views to them? Two reasons

1. Common courtesy says you never being up religion or politics

2. The voting statistics in Southern California

Unless you’re in Orange County (and even then, decreasingly so), you can’t throw a rock without hitting a car with an Obama/Anti-War/Impeach Bush sticker. Believe me, I’ve tried.

Now, maybe you’re saying “so what, just tell them then”. Yeah right. The DNC walks the streets in LA with their clipboards and their judgments. Try being in a business meeting when one of them approaches you. That’s fun. Try telling just a few friends and watch how quick they out you to everyone else. It’s a train wreck.


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