My name is RedTaboo and I’m…


Like being the only one wearing jeans at a formal party?

Like ordering meat when everyone else orders a vegan cous cous?

Like it when people judge you before they know you?

Welcome to my world.

Hi. I’m a republican. That’s right, one of those red-neck, un-intelligent, minority-hatin’, angry, evil and selfish REPUBLICANS with a capital R. Some of my friends would be SHOCKED, some would be confused, and some would be….not my friends anymore. Those who know are either in denial or politely ashamed for me. That’s ok. I get it. Because living in Los Angeles and being a RE-PUB-LI-CAN is a little like being…a Republican almost anywhere else – a dirty little secret. But don’t worry, I won’t tell.

This is a really interesting time to be the big R, on the heels of a major loss and at the feet of a much adored President to whom Bi-Partisanship means “we’ll do it my way and I’ll try not to badmouth you for a week or so” this has been a tough few months. For once, I was hoping (there’s that word) that we wouldn’t be on the defensive anymore because frankly, that sucks. Being caught between the chess game of political maneuvering and the anger of the base is a tough job for our few remaining politicos, and for those of us on the ground its a choice to ignore, defend or acquiesce.

Well, I still don’t think government is the ultimate answer, I don’t think Socialism takes into account incentive vs. human nature;  and I don’t think G.W. Bush was the worst President in our history. You are free, of course, to disagree with me (and you’d be in large company), but I am a strong believer in the individual, small business and ultimately, the ability of people to take care of themselves.
This is my blog.


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