Conservative = Racist and violent

So I was going to write today about the Tea parties, about the fall of federalism and the rise and acceptance of socialism in the United States and about how information learned every day leads me to believe we are truly heading down an Orwellian path. I was. But then I found out I’m most likely on a homeland security watch list. But if I am, I’m probably on page 4,576,788 – and my name is probably misspelled. And joke’s on them anyway, cause my life is pretty boring. Don’t get me wrong, last month’s community forum on a park playground got pretty raucous – but on whole, boring.

Sometimes it makes me laugh to see what people think of conservatives. My friends are continually shocked and amazed that I can form coherent sentences or that I go to the movies (although, admittedly – nothing with Sean Penn). If you want a real idea what the new regime thinks of conservatives, well, here’s this little gem from the report on right-wing extremism from Homeland Security.

“Right-wing extremists have capitalized on the election of the first African American president, and are focusing their efforts to recruit new members, mobilize existing supporters and broaden their scope and appeal through propaganda, but they have not yet turned to attack planning,”

You can find more here:

Don’t get mad. It made me laugh. Because we’re all subject to some stereotypes that are ridiculous. While it’s true I haven’t yet turned to attack planning (besides the fleeting plan to maybe-someday-egg-the-office-of-the-nearby-county-supervisor), I am seeking to broaden my appeal through propaganda.

Like this:

Are you convinced?


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Republicans could take a lesson

Yesterday, I heard this little gem on Rush’s show, and I have to say it made me think about what it really means to be in opposition.

If only Republicans in this country had the backbone to stand up and talk to Obama with that kind of brutal honesty, I think they would have a much bigger support base than they do now. What really boggles my mind about this is that Obama’s got NO issue throwing punches at Republicans at every opportunity. He does it with a smile. Yet, it takes someone across the ocean speaking to a different audience to say whats really on our minds.

Why is that?

Have we really become pariahs? Are we all Bobby Jindal with cardigan sweaters and forced smiles? (Now, I do love Bobby Jindal – but his performance was way too forced and uncomfortable). Where’s the fire? Where’s the anger? Why is it that only Liberals have a monopoly on rage?

I’m angry too. I’m angry that in a time when we are struggling as a nation, we have a President hinged on wealth redistribution. I’m angry that class-envy has taken the place of rational discussion and thoughful disagreement. I’m angry that when you follow the rules, you are left holding the bag. I’m angry that those who do not understand the financial sector, the housing markets and employer contracts are the ones with the loudest voices.

The nation of greed? Greed? No one was complaining when you took out your second mortgages and leased cars you could not afford. No one was complaining when credit was cheap and easy and we became addicted to our big-screen tvs and shiny iPods. We kept passing laws increasing spending and giving raises to ourselves and now this is all about the people at the top? No. We’re all guilty here.

Mr. Hannan reminds me why I believe what I believe. And reminds me whats important. Maybe Red isn’t so Taboo – its just not well expressed.

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A word about Prop 8 from someone deeply conflicted.

Real Hate

Real Hate

Prop 8 is a weird thing. It’s brought a lot of emotions to the surface which have exposed…well..a lot of ugliness. But somehow when it comes to politics, some people lose all inhibition – no matter how ill-informed they are – and feel the need to trample all over other people so that they are heard. In this case, I’m actually referring to the gay-rights activists and not the pro-8 people. No? Not hate you say? I would have to pointedly disagree .

Personally, I’m extremely conflicted about this proposition. There were lots of late-night conversations that led to my decision to vote for prop 8, and while some might write me off as a bigot, my decision had very little to do with the gay lifestyle and more to do with freedom of religion. Frankly, I think this was a nationwide screw-up when states started “marrying” people at all. The government shouldn’t be using a religious term to identify what it was granting: property rights. Instead they should have ALWAYS been granting ‘civil partnerships’ to everyone and leave the messiness for each church to decide. Your religion won’t marry you? Fine, you can leave it. But you can’t leave your state if they force you to recognize something your religion doesn’t. And what if your church’s beliefs are at odds with what the state deems a marriage? Well, then some activists might sue to have your tax exemption stripped and they may actually have a pretty strong case as now a church is arguing against a right. Isn’t anyone else at least slightly conflicted by this? Isn’t freedom of religion kind of a major thing?

I agree with gay marriage, but my church doesn’t. That’s something I will have to reconcile on my own; but its not something I want government involved in. When the California Supreme Court decided to grant marriage rights to gays despite these potential ramifications on religious freedoms, I believe they chose the rights of the few over the many. Rather than a more pragmatic solution to this issue (ie: California only issuing domestic partnerships) they chose to trample over the belief systems of millions of people without so much as a footnote. Hindsight is 20/20 though right? Surely now that they’ve seen gays attack the mormon church they will make a more measured response, right? Don’t count on it.

I don’t hate gays. I think marriage should be promoted – but I don’t want my church to be forced to recognize anything.

But somehow I’m a bigot for being conflicted. 8=hate right? But if you want to talk about hate, its all coming from the other side. People have been ruined for daring to stand up for their religious viewpoints and the mormons, in particular, have been trampled by gay rights.

It’s a trend. And with this administration it will only continue.

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A life in snapshots

A few days ago my friends and I were having dinner at a too-hip restaurant at the Grove. Then I got a call on my cell and when I picked it up to answer it, and they noticed this:

Needless to say, some conversation ensued. First there was some eye rolling, then some light comments, then a full on challenge: “you know, the term fiscal conservative is a big of an oxymoron among my co-workers…I mean, no offense”

My friends are both extremely liberal, but one of them, no BOTH of them should know better. There was a second of silence as they both watched anxious to see what I would do.

I took a few deep breaths, decided I wasn’t in the mood to argue with them (especially with the walking-bong of a waiter continually making surprise visits) and ignored the comment. Sometimes its better that way. Lately I’ve had a hard time with words and I get unusually flustered when I am angry. It’s a new development, I’m not sure where it comes from.

After dinner, I was mocked profusely as I climbed into my husbands Hybrid SUV (it was raining and hubby didn’t want me driving mine in the rain), and my friends shook their head and called me stubborn – and in denial.

A hybrid SUV doesn’t make me in denial. It makes me smart. Conservation is a good thing – plus between the tax credits, the gas savings and the navigation, it was a bargain.

That’s what I’m all about now, bargains.

Especially since the ‘stimulus’ tax incentives and the California budget crisis will end up costing me about $650 a year.

Good thing my trusty cell phone charm looks sturdy.

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For some reason, I thought you were..

Enemy List - Republicans hiding as normal people

Something that always cracks me up is how liberals ALWAYS assume that you’re in total agreement with them and bring up politics at seemingly innocuous time.

In line at the grocery store

When I’m getting my hair cut

Even the guy who watches my dogs feels the need to lay his political belief system on me when I pick up my dogs. What about me says “Not only am I a liberal, I am dying to hear your political ideology”?

Oh I know. I’m brown.

What? Wait a second. I thought you said you were a Republican. You meant that you were wearing a brown shirt, right? Not that you’re an actual minority, rightDid I leave somehow forget that detail?But I doubt that’s the only reason, I think liberals just assume that if you can string a few coherent words together or speak without drooling all over yourself, you must be a Democrat. I mean, how could you NOT be? After all, Democrats are the party of civil equality, love, tolerance, fairness and opportunity, right? How could you…no…how dare you bite the hand that has brought so much to you! You may think I am being overly dramatic, but the above response was taken verbatim from a man who learned my ugly secret. That man is a sociology professor.

I can accept that some people think that fairness is more important than results. I can accept that some people think that the general populous is just too dumb/corrupt/inept to run their own lives without government interjection.

But what I can’t accept is another “victory video” being forwarded to me from my friends.And why isn’t it a two-way street? Why don’t I just assume they are all Republican and constantly bring up my views to them? Two reasons

1. Common courtesy says you never being up religion or politics

2. The voting statistics in Southern California

Unless you’re in Orange County (and even then, decreasingly so), you can’t throw a rock without hitting a car with an Obama/Anti-War/Impeach Bush sticker. Believe me, I’ve tried.

Now, maybe you’re saying “so what, just tell them then”. Yeah right. The DNC walks the streets in LA with their clipboards and their judgments. Try being in a business meeting when one of them approaches you. That’s fun. Try telling just a few friends and watch how quick they out you to everyone else. It’s a train wreck.

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The Politics of winning

It’s funny.

Apparently  winning gracefully is something that’s only expectted of Republicans.

As reviled as it is to be a sore loser (especially one who then blames it on your runningmate),  clearly its okay to be a bad winner. Except in football. In the sports world, its called ” Unsportsmanlike conduct” and it will earn you at least a 5 yard penalty. But that doesn’t apply in left-wing politics

For the last 8 years, being a part of the ‘winning’ majority of Americans who voted for George Bush was something to be ashamed of; you were common, misinformed and (to coin one of my least favorite bands) part of a red-neck agenda. I was constantly reminded by my friends ‘in the know’ that I had no right to act picked-on by them because technically I was in the majority. Now that my side has lost, they flip the logic and use their win (and now their majority) to show me that the rest of the US has seen the light, and its high time I stepped in line.

But for all the bi-partisanship, benevolence and unity spouted by the Democrats before the election, I am feeling particularly un-unified right now. Maybe its the fact that I still have to see about a 500 Obama stickers a day (seriously, why are they still on cars? I know my Bush one came down the day of the election.) Or maybe it was the fact that I had to endure gag-worthy coverage of the inauguration – for the three days leading up to AND following it.  Maybe its the sudden move to try to further polarize figures like Rush. Whatever it is, it sure isn’t graceful winning.

Case in point: If your rebuttal to a point in a debate is “I won” maybe you aren’t the one who should be calling – and then moderating – said debate.

That’s what Democrats call “Bi-partisanship”.

But then let’s talk about Prop 8.

I’m sure you’re aware of  the monumental significance of Prop 8 in California. I’m sure you know it passed. Since then, I’ve seen it compared to everything from Jim Crow laws to the persecution of Jews. And I’ve watched as gay-rights activists protested a church, ruined peoples lives and protested in the streets. God forbid you actually donated to the Yes on 8 campaign. Free Speech or not. You might just lose your job, or worse, your restaurant. Just like the loss of secret balloting in union formation, liberals don’t just want you to vote, they want you to vote their way, or face the consequences. The LA Times today  argues that it just gives protesters a fair opportunity to peacefully demonstrate, and graciously offers that you call law enforcement when thing go wrong.

Too Bad for you Republicans: if you win – you lose and if we win – well, you still lose AND we’ll rub it in your face.

But maybe that approach isn’t working so well. The most recent polls are showing that the Dems are losing support on the forced stimulus bill, House Republicans are refusing to play ball, and the RNC just elected a truly galvanizing leader. I’m sure Pelosi and Reid don’t care, but for a large majority of people, ugly winners are still distasteful.

You know what, maybe losing isn’t so bad. The politics of winning seem complicated on this side.

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Being hated. A primer

Part of being adored is that you are almost as equally and unequivocally hated. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to accomplish, how good you are at it and what your intentions are: People will hate. It’s a fact. You can either spend your while life trying to avoid it and hide from it (and risk the chance of never accomplishing anything significant in your lifetime,) or you can roll with it, embrace it and learn to channel it in other, more effective ways.

If you’re Rush Limbaugh  and Ann Coulter you thrive on the conflict and anger directed at you by Liberals like some supernatural goo (that’s right, I used a Ghostbusters 2 reference), on the flip side you can be all Sarah Palin-esque about it and slap on some glassy-eyed smile and fake it. Or you can be like my girl Michelle Malkin and post it on the internet for all to see.  Things like this are especially entertaining:



Eloquent. Graceful. The woman must be a real lady in person.

Not that there aren’t crazies on our side- but their rants usualy aren’t as expletive laced and more often that not mention something about Jesus or the middle name ‘Hussein’.

Anyway, as blase as I am about it here, hate mail isn’t nice. Being hated isn’t fun – especially when you don’t get an opportunity to shoot back (or, like me, you feel it is undignified to do so.) You can get your pride back, but never your grace.

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